Listen to the hydrophone at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center

The hydrophone node at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center is located beneath the pier in about 10 meters of water. It was deployed in October, 2006, and utilizes a hydrophone fabricated by Lon Brockelhurst. Custom software written in Visual Basic by Val Veirs (Windows XP) assesses average underwater sound levels and automatically detects "unusual" sounds. The stream is distributed by

Photos: Slide show of installation dive | Port Townsend Flickr set

Archived sounds from Port Townsend

Each sound file (.mp3 format) is named with year, month, day, start time, end-time, and duration encoded in the file name. The date format is YYMMDD, start/end times are 24-hr format (PDT time zone), and the duration format is HHMMSS. These sounds are presented using a Flash-based player called Wimpy...

File name Date Description
071022_1041_1059_001836-pt-calls.mp3 Monday October 22 (10:41-10:59 PDT) -- 18 minutes of calls that grow increasingly faint. (moderate background noise).
071022_1059_1110_001110_pt_calls+whistle.mp3 Faint calls and whistles

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(KX-HCM280A Panasonic Network Camera)
West-East presets: 8 = Keystone; 3 = Point Hudson; 5 = Marrowstone Point;