Listen to the Orcasound hydrophone

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The hydrophone node at Orcasound (the home and laboratory of Dr. Val Veirs) is located between Snug Harbor and Andrew's Bay, ~6km N of the Lime Kiln Lighthouse. The node hosts an array of 4-8 hydrophones that stretch ~200m along shore at depths of 5-20m. There have been multiple hydrophone deployments, repairs, and acoustic research projects at Orcasound, beginning in about 2000.

The current dual-hydrophone system consists of two ITC hydrophones with custom pre-amps mounted on PVC tripods 1-2 m above the gravel bottom. Cables traverse the rocky intertidal within iron protectors and then run ~100m to a data-logging and streaming computer. Custom software written in Visual Basic by Val Veirs assesses average underwater sound levels and automatically detects "unusual" sounds. The stream is distributed by for $23/month.

Archived sounds from Orcasound

Each sound file (.mp3 format) is named with year, month, day, start time, end-time, and duration encoded in the file name. The date format is YYMMDD, start/end times are 24-hr format (PDT time zone), and the duration format is HHMMSS. These sounds are presented using a Flash-based player called Wimpy...

File name Description
071020_0936-1700_071622_os_JKL.mp3 Very long recording with clear initial calls that become increasingly faint. Calls are audible for a long time (~2h) and the recording includes a variety of vessel noises. (Recording may not be continuous due to software/storage issues.)
071020_1800-1831_003109_os_JKL.mp3 Great calls and clicks from multiple pods with low background noise
071020_1832-1954_012137_os_JKL.mp3 Great calls and clicks from multiple pods with low background noise
080401_1438-1500_004255_os_J.mp3 Call and clicks during an early spring visit by J pod with intermittent boat noise (and ship noise at the end)

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